Located in the heart of Venice on Rose Ave., Makani brings a fresh, market-driven menu to the Westside. Executive chef Brian Wilkinson helms the kitchen showcasing high quality, sustainable produce, meats and wild seafood. With a menu built to be shared, Venice locals will appreciate a broad array of seasonal vegetables and wood-grilled meats and seafood selections. At the gorgeous 30 seat bar, guests can also enjoy local beer, craft cocktails and small production wines.


v- vegan | vg- vegetarian | gf- gluten free | vo- vegan optional



OLIVES oven roasted, lemon, garlic, fennel pollen v/gf

PICKLES assorted market vegetables v/gf

RADISH weiser farm radish, chive butter, sea salt gf/vo

BREAD AND BUTTERS clark st. bread, lardo, chive, house smoked butter vo


MUSHROOM roasted maitake, fried rice, tofu foam, dashi v/gf

HAMACHI crudo, fennel, grapefruit, kumquats, citrus oil, serrano gf

OCTOPUS kohlrabi slaw, house made creme fraiche, chili glaze gf

PORK niman ranch pork belly, creamed leeks, snow peas, lemon, grana padano gf

CAVATELLI roasted tomato, garlic, basil, distefano mascarpone, chili flake vg/vo




BRUSSELS SPROUTS shaved salad, red onion, pecorino, crispy prosciutto, lemon vinaigrette

SPINACH california date, toasted almond, 3 mo. manchego, maple vinaigrette vg/gf/vo

LITTLE GEM tomato, nueske’s bacon, shaft blue cheese, crouton, ranch

POTATOES weiser family farms potato, herb vinaigrette, horseradish crema, chive vg/gf/vo

CABBAGE grilled savoy, pickled fresno, parsley, citrus, cider vinaigrette v/gf

CARROTS farm fire roasted baby carrots, red quinoa salad, greek yogurt vg/gf/vo


TOFU herb marinated, creamy polenta, smoked tomato, swiss chard v

SALMON wild new zealand ora king salmon, creme fraiche, preserved lemon relish gf

WHOLE FISH wild caught, fresno pepper gremolata gf

CHICKEN rosies farm organic 1/2 chicken, black garlic chicken jus gf

CALI CUT 8 oz. creekstone farm prime grass fed black angus NY center cut gf

RIB EYE 16oz. creekstone farm prime grass fed black angus, dijon, chicory (serves two) gf




LEMON Bavarian, curd, shortbread, vanilla meringue

CHOCOLATE chocolate chip macaroon, dark chocolate cookie crumble, Jeni’s vanilla bean ice cream


Our 35 seat bar serves our full menu and is available on a walk in basis.

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